When it comes to reliable oil delivery in the Boston area and keeping your family comfortable throughout the cold winter months, you have two options: automatic delivery and will call service. There are pros and cons of each and today, we’re taking a look at both options.

Automatic Delivery

With automatic delivery, Arlex Oil is able to estimate how much fuel your home will use based on past usage and how cold it is outside. When your gas tank is around one-quarter full, Arlex Oil will automatically make your next oil delivery.


  • No tank watching
  • No running out of oil or restarting your system
  • No longer have to call to schedule oil delivery
  • Priority service, even during the busy season


  • You no longer manage your own oil levels
  • If your lifestyle changes, our estimates could be off, which could result in running out of oil before your next delivery

Will Call

With will call, you will be responsible for calling and scheduling your oil delivery when your oil levels are low.


  • You have complete control over monitoring your oil levels and scheduling your delivery


  • For will call, a minimum of 24-hours is recommended for a delivery request
  • During the busy season, it can be difficult to schedule an oil delivery

To schedule your oil delivery or get more information about our oil delivery services, contact our team at Arlex Oil today at (781) 862-3400.