If you find that your oil tank is running on empty, don’t waste time refilling it. The quicker you do so, the better since an empty oil tank can be a serious hazard that could trigger a serious disaster, affecting both your home’s heating system and the tank. What are some of the problems that you can run into when your oil tank is empty? Let’s find out. 

Big Inconvenience

An empty oil tank could mean the loss of heating, and if that happens, the inconvenience is significant. Think about having an empty oil can during the dead of winter, and you have to wait on a refill for heat to be restored to your home. That could mean no hot water or warmth when you need it the most. Imagine the discomfort you and your family could endure. This is one inconvenience that you want to avoid for your family’s sake. 

Clogged Filters and Nozzles

An empty oil tank could cause clogging of filters and/or nozzles. Clogged oil filters that trap debris are problematic and could cause your heating system to perform poorly or fail entirely. Furthermore, when the spray nozzle is clogged with sludge, the heater typically produces an unusual or foul odor. 

Damage to HVAC Equipment

When your oil tank is out of supply, it can harm your HVAC equipment. Inefficient filters can fail to keep impurities and sediment from being pulled into the feed line, and this has the potential to damage your HVAC equipment. When your HVAC system is damaged, it cannot perform optimally, which exacerbates an already challenging situation. If this damage occurs during the cold season or the hottest months in summer, it could make for uncomfortable home life. No heat in winter or no cooling in summer is no joking matter.

Condensation in the Oil Tank

Another issue that you want to avoid that could result from an empty oil tank is condensation in the tank itself. From season to season, month to month, the temperature in the tank changes. The accumulation of water in the oil tank can cause rusting on your tank’s interior walls, which could cause your heating system to malfunction or prevent it from performing altogether. A well-maintained tank that is kept full won’t collect water, and this could prolong the tank’s lifespan, which could, in turn, expand the longevity of your home’s general heating system.

Want to stay on top of your oil tank maintenance? Even in warmer seasons where you are not depending on your heat, tank maintenance is still crucial. Turn to the professionals at Arlex Oil who can help to ensure that your heating oil and oil tank needs are met. Our team at Arlex Oil are heating oil delivery and oil tank maintenance experts that you can depend on. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form to learn more!