There’s no better feeling than turning on your air conditioning on a hot summer day and being met with the cool air and a sigh of relief. Whether you keep your air conditioning on all day, have it set to turn on at specific times, or just turn it on when you need it, your air conditioning system has a specific way of running in order to keep you cool.

While there are different types of air conditioning systems, your standard air conditioner has four main parts: the evaporator, the compressor, the condenser, and the expansion device. Here’s how they work together to keep you cool.

Step 1: The Evaporator

The part that is inside of the air conditioning unit that evaporates the refrigerant is the evaporator. As the air moves through the evaporator, the refridgerant absorbs the heat and changes it from a liquid to a vapor to create cool air.

Step 2: The Compressor

The vaporized refridgerant enters the compressor (typically located outside of your home) and is compressed into a gas at a high pressure state and high temperature.

Step 3: The Condenser

The pressurized gas then enters the condensor, where it is returned into its liquid form. The condenser typically has metal fins on it to help cool it down faster.

Step 4: The Expansion Device

Once the gas is cooled down and returned to its liquid form, it enters the expansion device. The expansion device regulates the flow of refridgerant into the evaporator.

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