It is becoming increasingly common for towns and cities across Massachusetts to require homeowners to remove septic systems and underground oil tanks, and to connect to town resources. With this change, comes a large responsibility to remove your old systems and update your water and sewer connections. 

At Arlex Oil, we not only provide heating solutions for your home, but we also offer excavation services to help meet these new septic system and underground oil tank requirements. Learn more about the benefits of removal of your old septic system versus sealing your system off, below!

Prevents Septic System Cave Ins and Collapses

When sealing off a septic system, the process requires filling the tank in with dirt or gravel, to help avoid the unused tank from collapsing, and the ground above the tank from sinking in. While this process does help minimize the risk of the tank from collapsing, removing the tank completely is the best option for completely preventing the chance of a cave in or collapse. 

More Options for Landscape Design

Removing your septic system completely offers you the opportunity to have full use of your outdoor space. With a septic system, planting trees and shrubs can be difficult due to their root systems interrupting the tank. Once you remove your septic system, you’ll be able to plant trees and shrubs wherever you want and fully utilize your outdoor space. 

Better for the Environment

By simply sealing your septic system, you’re leaving a large piece of metal in the ground. This can cause rust and metal contaminants to leech into the soil and into water sources. When you remove the tank completely, you’re eliminating the risk of this happening. 

Work with Arlex Oil

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