Summer is generally not the season when most homeowners think about their heating system but it should be! During winter, your heating system is working overtime to give warmth to your home and is more likely to face issues, especially if you aren’t consistent in your routine care of the equipment. But when your heating is on summer vacation, it’s the perfect time to invest some effort into making sure it runs as smoothly as possible before the cold winds hit.

Why Summer?

It may feel silly to focus on your heating system during the months when all you need is some AC and ice cold lemonade, but there’s no shame in being a bit prepared for the future. In fact, opting to spend a little time with your heating equipment in the summer means you’ll have fewer headaches come winter.

Save Money

First and foremost, you’ll definitely save some cash if you look into maintenance outside of peak heating season. Because heating is in low demand in the warmer months, professionals will be more likely to have more time to help you out with your maintenance issues. Lower demand means lower prices, so there’s no reason to wait until the pros are charging more.

Another way it’ll save you money in the summer is with oil refills. Along with labor demands, demand for the actual oil product goes down in the summer as well. Don’t worry – letting oil sit in your tank a few months before you need it won’t hurt the tank or your heating system. As long as you’re getting your annual checkups by professionals, your tank should be able to handle idle oil.

Save Time

Saving money is all well and good, but time? That’s just as valuable, especially for the modern working homeowner. Arranging your annual tune-up to occur in the summer, or even spring, will ensure that you have the lowest wait times for professional assistance. Once the cold has gone, many people forget about their heating systems until they have to boot them up again in a few months. But if you arrange for service soon after the heating season is finished, you’ll be worry-free for the next year. This means no time wasted on the phone or internet trying to get a professional out in December when the rest of your town needs them as well!

Arlex Oil

If you’re looking to save money and time on your heating equipment maintenance, contact Arlex Oil for a summer appointment.