Heating Oil Delivery & Maintenance Services in Saugus, MA

Saugus is a suburban town in Essex County located just about 20 minutes from Boston. There is a lot of history in Saugus, as the Saugus Iron Works was the first integrated ironworks in the country from 1646-1668. The town borders the beautiful Saugus River, giving residents a beautiful space to enjoy nature, outdoor activities, and the largest lobster fishing fleet in Massachusetts! 

Just over 26,600 people are residing in the beautiful town of Saugus. Luckily, when those residents need heating oil delivery or maintenance services, they can call Arlex Oil! Our home base is located only 13 miles away, making it quick and efficient for our team to come to take care of you. 

Heating Oil Delivery Services in Saugus, MA

Living in Massachusetts, it is essential to have reliable heating oil services during the harsh winter months. Arlex Oil is proud to provide our trustworthy heating oil delivery service to all Saugus residents. Our automatic delivery service guarantees that your home will never be without heating oil. Even during the harshest winter weather, we have on-call drivers 24/7 for emergencies. You can be assured that your heat will always be on during the winter months with Arlex Oil. 

Annual Tune-Up Services in Saugus, MA

Corrosion is prevalent in oil tanks. When it happens, replacements can leave a severe dent in your wallet. With our annual tune-up services, you will never have to worry about replacing a corroded tank. You will be extending the life of your tank and getting rid of that stress. Our annual maintenance services include inspection, cleaning, and adjustment. Our annual maintenance services are guaranteed to extend the lifetime of your oil tank.

If you are looking to go even further with oil tank protection, be sure to ask us about the Arlex Tank Protection Program (ATPP). This is a program we created to take corrosion prevention to the next level, and we recommend it to all homes and businesses with oil tanks.

Arlex Oil in Saugus, MA

Arlex Oil is proud to provide our heating oil delivery and maintenance services to Saugus residents and has been doing it for over 70 years! With so much experience, we are the experts to call for any heating oil or oil tank-related services. To learn more about our services or sign up today, give us a call at 781-862-3400 or fill out our online contact form!