Chances are, when you hear the words oil or petroleum, the images that come to your mind aren’t those of products that you put in or on your body. Maybe you imagine oil spills, the numerous different chemicals and plastics that petroleum is used to make, or even just filling your car with gasoline that’s made with oil. If this is the case, you’ll be surprised to hear about the assortment of things you probably use that contain oil and its byproducts.


Toothpaste is something you find in every household, suitcase, and even gas station. Dentists say to brush with it twice a day, but what most people probably don’t realize is that the toothpaste they’re using is filled with a variety of oil-based ingredients. From petroleum dyes to a petroleum-derived substance used to ensure toothpaste’s oil-based ingredients dissolve in water-based solutions, there’s no escaping the petroleum in your toothpaste.


If you’re now thinking you’ll skip the toothpaste and opt for some gum to freshen your breath, you may want to think again. The “gum base” mentioned in the ingredients list on most gum packages includes petroleum, among other things. Looks like there’s no avoiding the petroleum if you’re on the search for fresh breath.


It’s probably the case that your breath isn’t the only thing you want to smell good, and in order to keep everything smelling fresh, you likely turn to deodorant or antiperspirants on most days. You should know then that propylene glycol, a petroleum-based substance, is used to ensure that your deodorant rolls on smooth, and is used to lock the scent onto your skin. It’s also likely found in your perfume, cologne, shampoo, or anything else you use to smell nice.

Contact lenses

You would never want any oil-based products to get in your eyes, right? Without even realizing it, there’s a decent chance you may be doing it anyway. If you wear contacts, be grateful for the synthetic petroleum polymers that make them malleable and allow oxygen to permeate them, both of which are necessary functions for you to even wear your contacts.


From bright red to purple, eye-catching orange to pale pink, there’s something all of your shades of lipstick probably have in common; they’re made with petroleum. Paraffin wax, an ingredient common in not just most lipsticks but also in candles and candy coatings, is derived from petroleum, coal, or shale. So next time you swipe on your favorite shade, remember you probably have petroleum to thank for it.

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