While going about our daily lives, it is common to forget to carry out little tasks like checking and refueling your oil tanks. The oil tank then catches us off guard as it runs out of fuel, causing us to scramble around to secure the next refuel.

During winter, most people often can’t keep up with regular checks on their heating oil storage tank. Also, they do not want to deal with the troubles and struggles of running out of fuel when winter comes. Unfortunately, Unless you have an automatic heating oil delivery, there is a high chance of this happening.

Automatic fuel oil delivery is a practical and straightforward service. With this system, it is your supplier who manages your fuel oil stock remotely while you relax at the comfort of your home, getting warmth all winter long.


Basically, with the use of software, the heating oil usage would be estimated based on past usage and current weather condition. Also, for new customers, estimation is by the local average for homes of similar sizes. 

When the oil in your tank diminishes, delivery is scheduled automatically without a call or text from you.


With will call, the onus is on you to continually monitor the oil gauge all winter long and make calls when it’s almost empty. 

A Significant disadvantage of this is that you could quickly lose track of the quantity of oil left. You would also have to deal with the struggles of fuel scarcity and increased fuel prices.

But with an automatic delivery system, a monthly subscription is all that is needed to keep track of your oil usage. 


  • Never worry about running out of fuel

This cannot be overemphasized. With how easy it is to forget checking your fuel gauge, automatic delivery erases one more thing from your to-do list and ensures your home continues to run warmly! 

  • It helps Control your oil delivery budget

Here delivery costs are more consistent and help you avoid extra service charges. 

You know the fixed amount set aside with automatic delivery irrespective of market fluctuations.

  • Avoid emergency service fees or extra service costs

Some oil providers charge extra for immediate delivery and maintenance and upkeep of furnaces, especially in cases where the oil runs dry or odd hours calls. These costs are reduced with an automatic delivery system.

  • Build a relationship with your oil delivery company

With repeat services of a technician, they become more familiar with your heating system, making repairs and maintenance even more seamless. 

Arlex Oil are heating oil delivery and oil tank maintenance experts ready to render our services. With our automatic heating oil delivery, you get stress-free warmth all winter long! Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form to learn more!