As the year comes to an end, winter comes along with its chilly ambiance, and the last thing anybody wants to face is a broken heating system. The heating system is an important home appliance that may be kept functional at all times. Since it is used occasionally, many homeowners often neglect it, only to be met with a damaged heating system during emergencies. The best method to keep your family ready is to perform routine checks on your heating system to ensure it is functional for winter. 

Tips to ensure your heating system is ready for winter

The following are trusted tips and tricks used by professional HVAC technicians to ensure the heating system is safe and ready for winter. 

Check and replace the HVAC filter (if need be)

The HVAC filter is an important component that traps and collects dust, allergens, and all forms of dirt. It is particularly useful during fall and works all year long. However, it can become congested with dirt, reducing its filtering power and damaging other parts of the machine. Ensure you check your filters and replace them with new ones to ensure you breathe clean air and also prevent any kind of damage to the entire HVAC system. You can get the filter at an online hardware store or near your local home improvement shop. 

Clear any objects near the heating system

Before you prepare your HVAC system, remove any nearby box, cloth, paper, or container, as it increases the chances of a fire occurring. These objects can also get into the system and damage other important components. 

Set your thermostat

Before you turn on your heater for winter, we recommend you set your thermostat to your desired temperature. Simply turn your thermostat to the heat button and wait a few minutes for the heat to circulate throughout the room before switching it off. If it doesn’t turn on or work properly, you can call on the expertise of a professional HVAC company.  

Protect your HVAC condenser before winter

If your regular HVAC system has a condenser, cover it adequately since it is usually ice. Proper coverage protects it from ice damage, dirt, rainfall, and more. Homeowners with a heat pump do not need to do this. 

Clear your vents properly

Another tip that can help your home this winter is to clear your vents before turning on the heater. Vents are prone to dirt and blockage that can affect the quality of the air you breathe. Ensure you clean them to ensure nothing obstructs the air you and your family will breathe. 

How Arlex Oil can help

For homeowners looking to stay ready for winter, now is an excellent time to schedule a heating oil tank inspection appointment with Arlex Oil. We tune up all kinds of heating systems. Our trained professionals are equipped to clean your vents, check for damage, replace your filters, and repair any type of damage. Give us a call today for more information!