A majority of homeowners in the Massachusetts area utilize heating oil as their primary fuel for their heating systems. It has a low cost and is efficient, making it the best option to keep families warm during the cold New England winters.

Typically, heating oil won’t be smelt in the home but on occasion, the smell can seep into your house. This is a natural worry for most homeowners but if you have a containment system in place, there shouldn’t be any issues and the odor should go away quickly. But it’s asking whether it’s normal or not is still understandable!

Below, we’re listing out the most common reasons for smelling heating oil in your home.

Recent Heating Oil Delivery

If you recently had a heating oil delivery and are noticing heating oil odors in your home, this is not unusual! The smell should go away after a few hours but shouldn’t linger any longer than a few days. If you notice the scent doesn’t go away, some oil could have been spilt by your heating delivery crew – if you notice this, try using an absorbent cloth to clean it up and stop any spread.

Your Heating System Has Recently Been Turned On

Have you recently turned on your heating system for the first time after a long summer of being idle? If you have, a heating oil smell is nora and will fade away!

Your Furnace Filter is Clogged

A clogged furnace filter can result in a heating oil smell to be released throughout your home. If the smell doesn’t fade away on its own, check your HVAC air filters to see if they’re clogged and clean them. If the smell is still noticeable, contact our team at Arlex Oil to ensure there’s nothing else wrong.

An Issue with Your Furnace

If there is an underlying problem with your furnace, the oil might not be able to combust completely, releasing a heating oil smell into the air. This can also happen if there is a cracked oil burner. If this is the case, our team at Arlex oil will be able to help pinpoint the issue and help resolve it!

Still smelling heating oil in your home? Contact our team at Arlex Oil today at (781) 862-3400.