No one wants to deal with an overheating air conditioning unit, but sometimes disaster strikes. An AC unit that doesn’t do its job cooling your home and providing comfort to you and your family is a thing of disaster. The thing is that your AC can burn itself out to give you the coolness that you desire. This is something that you want to prevent in order to continue to have a working unit especially when you need it the most. Below are some ways that you can prevent your air conditioning unit from overheating. 

Change the Air Filter

Over time, an AC’s air filter will accumulate dust and dirt that can cause clogging that can interfere with the optimal function of the unit by causing it to work for longer and harder to maintain coolness. It’s ideal to change your AC filter once per month and it’s something that you can do by yourself. Consider that the filter acts as a safety net that protects the AC unit from dirt and various pollutants. If the airflow is blocked and the AC is overworking, overheating becomes a real issue that could have been prevented with air conditioning maintenance.

Check Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a chemical found in your air conditioning system that circulates through the air unit and absorbs heat from the environment. It is easy to see how important refrigerant is and why the AC unit should not be low on this chemical. There might be a leak that causes the amount of refrigerant to reach low levels, or during installment, the refrigerant was improperly charged. It’s crucial to spot the leak early and fix it to prevent the unit from working double-time and overheating.

Clean Condenser Coils

Cleaning the air conditioner condenser coils allows for better efficiency and cooling by dispelling the heat out of your home. It’s crucial that the condenser coil is able to perform at optimal performance and doesn’t act an insulator. When the coils are dirty and insulate, it keeps the heat on the inside, which will force the AC unit to overwork to reach the low-temperature setting and eventually lead to the system overheating.

Schedule an Annual Tune-up

AC systems should get routine maintenance and be inspected and tuned up yearly. It would be a good idea to get an AC tune-up once a year, but most manufacturers recommend two tune-ups a year. The spring season is a great time to tune-up your system AC unit in order to maintain optimized efficiency when you need it. This will entail a thorough inspection of important parts, cleaning and lubrication all can help to prevent overheating.

Arlex Oil

Regular air conditioning maintenance and tune-ups can go a long way to prevent your AC unit from overheating. For your next tune-up, hire an air condition maintenance company that has the professionals with the skills to get your AC unit working efficiently.