If you rely on heating oil to heat your home in the winter months, it’s crucial to keep your tank full to help keep your family warm. With the fall and winter months the busiest at Arlex Oil, it’s crucial to be prepared for your oil delivery to ensure you and your family stay warm all winter long.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your heating oil delivery:

Make Sure Your Address is Visible

If your heating oil delivery driver is unable to find your home, they won’t deliver your heating oil! Make sure your house is easy to find and your number is visible to the driver to avoid delivery delays.

Provide Easy Access for Your Fuel Supplier

Whether your delivery drive has to accesss your fill pipe at the back of your house, enter a gate, or get through shrubbery to ensure your heating oil is delivery, make sure the fill pipe is easily accessible! Leave fences and gates unlocked, make sure your pets are inside at the time of delivery, and the area around your fill pipe is clear of obstruction.

Keep the Delivery Path Clear

When your delivery driver gets to your home, they must carry a large hose to your fill pipe to deliver the oil. To make the process easier for them, make sure the delivery path is clear of any debris and obstucles to avoid easy delivery and injury.

Clear brances, rocks, toys, and any bushes and shrubs around the fill pipe to make access easy.

Remove Ice & Snow on the Day of Delivery

If it recently snowed out, make sure you clear any snow and ice on the day of delivery so that your driver can complete the appointment safely. If there are any hazards, your driver may not be able to complete the appointment and will have to reschedule. If you’re low on heating oil, this could mean a few cold days until another delivery appointment is available.

To schedule your oil delivery appointment or learn more about our automatic delivery, contact us today at (781)-862-3400.