Heating Oil Services in Lexington MA

Lexington, MA is located in Middlesex County and is best known for its part in the American Revolutionary War. It is commonly recognized for being the site of the first shots heard around the world during the Battle of Lexington on April 19, 1775. You can even sign up for tours to visit the battle green when the battle took place and see historic statues that resemble what went on like the Revolutionary War Monument, The Minuteman Statue, and a boulder that marks the end of the Minutemen’s line.

Some other fun things to do in Lexington consist of visiting the old taverns that were meeting spots for colonials and minutemen. A couple of the most popular ones were Buckman Tavern and Munroe Tavern which were both eventually overthrown by the redcoats. After being overthrown, Munroe Tavern was converted into a field hospital to treat wounded soldiers and is now preserved by the Lexington Historical Society.

Heating Oil Services in Lexington, MA

Aside from the history that is scattered through the town, it is also home to over 31,000 residents. During the winter, Lexington is no stranger to cold weather and many town folks rely on Arlex Oil to keep them warm!

Established in 1940, Arlex Oil has been family owned and operated for over 70 years and is proud to serve those of the Lexington community. During the coldest of months, Arlex Oil is there to make sure that your home is heated. Worried about running out of oil in the middle of the night? No problem! On top of our automated delivery service and tank protection services, Arlex Oil even offers 24-hour emergency service because we know problems can arise at any time, even during the darkest of hours.

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