Choosing the proper heating oil delivery schedule is important to ensure you don’t run out of heating oil during the coldest part of the winter. With winters getting much colder and more severe, now is a great time to look at your heating oil delivery schedule to see if you need to make any changes. Use these tips to determine what heating oil delivery schedule will keep your house warm this winter:

Determine Your Heating Oil Needs

The first step in evaluating your current heating oil delivery schedule is looking at your heating needs. Have you added it to your home? Was the home too cold last winter? How many people and pets are in the home? Are people working at home, which means the house needs to be warmer during the day? You also need to consider how efficient your heating system is and whether or not your heating oil tank is big enough to hold an increased amount of heating oil safely. 

Compare Delivery Options

You have choices when it comes to heating oil delivery, so you need to consider which delivery option will suit your household best. You can set up automatic deliveries if you are confident you will need more heating oil regularly. You can use will-call delivery if you want to wait and see how much heating oil you need. Or, you can use an online ordering system if that’s more convenient. Think about the best way to make sure that you always have heating oil to choose the right method of heating oil delivery for you. 

Evaluate Payment Plans

Just like there are options for delivery, there are options for paying for heating oil delivery. It’s common for heating oil delivery companies to offer a variety of payment plans so that people can choose one that works for their budget. Cash-on-delivery plans may work best for people who don’t get regular deliveries but only need one or two deliveries per season. Fixed-price plans may be the best option for people who do get regular heating oil deliveries. Budget plans are an excellent option for those on a fixed income or budget who need to spread their payments out throughout the year. 

Consider Company Reputation

It’s also important to choose a heating oil company with a reputation for reliable service, fair pricing, and quality work. When deciding on this year’s heating oil delivery schedule, choose Arlex Oil. With our team, you’ll get reliable service, great prices and payment options, and help from skilled technicians who can help you with all your heating service needs. Whether you need a heating oil delivery or tune-up services for your heating oil tank, Arlex Oil can do it all. Reach out to us today