Have you ever dreaded the winter months simply because you knew that means the need to fill your oil tank has arrived? It’s a common feeling! Sometimes it can feel like a chore amid everything else going on at the change of the season. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until cold weather hits for a fill-up. In truth, there are plenty of benefits to a spring oil tank fill. 

Always Be Prepared

Sometimes cold weather sneaks up on you. Whether the forecast was off or time got away from you, you don’t want to find yourself under a layer of blankets and unwilling to leave your cocoon in the morning chill. By filling up your oil tank in the spring, you are prepared for whatever comes. Be it a freak snowstorm in September or an unusually cold October, a spring fill-up will ensure that you’re covered. 

What’s the Downside?

Try to think of every downside to filling your tank in the spring. It’s hard to imagine one! In fact, there is no consequence to purchasing oil now. Although you’ll have to pay for it, that would happen no matter which season you found yourself in. 

An Empty Tank Can Experience Damage

Did you know that the emptier a tank is, the more susceptible it is to damage? It’s true! When the weather gets hotter, the inside of your tank can collect condensation. Of course, condensation only occurs where oil is not. With an empty tank, condensation can build up inside the tank and cause the interior to corrode. When corrosion starts, it is only a matter of time before a leak occurs. When a leak happens, there are a number of steps required:

  1. Turn off the oil supply if safe to do so.
  2. Inform the fire department. 
  3. Ventilate.
  4. Leave the area if necessary.
  5. Hire a specialized cleanup crew.
  6. Contact insurance. 

Given the complex nature of an oil leak, preventing one is ideal. Start by keeping your tank full in the warmer months. 

Oil is Often Cheaper in the Off-Season

It can be impossible to predict oil prices. However, most of the time, oil is less costly in the warmer months. When demand increases, the price tends to increase. Fortunately, when demand decreases in the spring, prices usually drop. You can typically get a bargain on heating oil when the cold months are past. 

Ready to Order?

Arlex Oil has a team of heating oil delivery and oil tank maintenance experts prepared to meet your needs. With spring upon us, you have every reason to order your oil delivery now. Trust Arlex to get you the best rates and service this season! Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form for more information!