The Arlex Oil Tank Protection Program

Protect Your Home’s Oil Tank

Arlex Tank Protection ™ (ATP) isa two -part program designed to protect your home heating oil your oil tank! These days, the cost of replacing an oil tank, including disposal of the old tank, can cost over $2,000! And, as most homeowner insurance policies don’t cover an oil tank, a vital element to your heating system, finding a solution which protects your investments, your oil and your equipment, is worth considering. That’s why Arlex, the company you’ve relied on to deliver value, trust, and integrity for three generations, is now offering its new ATP Program. So, how does the ATP Program work? First, Arlex will protect the inside of your tank through the use of Tank-Saver®, a corrosion inhibitor, which is put into your tank annually and helps reduce the internal chemical damage to your oil tank. Arlex, and most oil industry experts, recommend the use of this type of additive as it’s proven to be beneficial in preventing and minimizing corrosion damage within tanks.

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corrosion diagram of condensation on top of fuel on top of build up

Corrosion is caused by water condensation and rust. These elements sink to the bottom of your tank and build up which can pit and damage your tank. The inhibitor used by Arlex is concentrated and heavier than fuel, so it sinks to the bottom as well, targeting those damaging elements and that corrosive build-up

Once enrolled in the ATP Program, if your tank should leak due to internal corrosion, Arlex has you covered because the second part of the ATP program consists of a one-year replacement warranty on your tank itself! This warranty covers removal and replacement of your program-covered tank, at no charge (parts and labor), as well as certified disposal of your old tank. How’s that for peace of mind? The ATP Program provides you with protection, inside and out. Think about it, spending less than 20 cents per day could save you from the aggravation of dealing with oil tank-related problems—serious safety and environmental problems—that can be time consuming and costly to correct.

Reach out to the expert team at Arlex Oil to learn more and protect your home’s oil tank today!